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Patches can be placed on to almost any item, although they have been stocked for The Harry Collection please be aware that they can be put onto a fabric from the standard Alice Lilly range too.
When choosing a patch or fabric to place a patch onto please consider how 'busy' the fabric is and how well the patch will stand out against the fabric. Also consider placement.

We hace a 3 patches for £9.50 deal! If this is chosen please leave patch choices at checkout.

Suggested placements
Harems - back right pocket as you look.
Rompers - Back pocket as you look
Leggings - Down the right leg. (seams can get in the way when placing in the 'pocket' area)
Dresses - Front left OR right for t shirt dresses and tunics, full skirted dresses could have one on each side.
Jackets - Back right, towards the bottom

PLEASE leave a note at checkout fully explaining where you would like your patch/s and on what item/s. If you have ordered a few items and patches and feel it's a little too long for a checkout note then drop me an email at alicelilytutus@outlook.com. If there is no checkout note or email with your order I will place the patches in the areas specified above
Please be as clear as possible when explaining where you would like a patch. They are placed by hand then sewn on using a sewing machine so placement isn't always exact.

Patches can also be sent by themselves for you to sew on yourself! The patches are advertised as iron on, however I do sew all patches on so would recommend you do that too.

1 - By purchasing an item you agreeing that you have read and are happy with the size guide, current timescale and refund policy.

2 - Tracked postage is available in the 'Postage' section. I always obtain proof of postage.